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Maintenance for Natural or Native Shorelines

Shoreline restoration requires maintenance

Once a shoreline has been restored it will need help getting established. There are several potential threats to which your native Michigan plants can be susceptible.   

Weeds and other invasive plant species.

As the new plants get established, it will take time for them to fill in and be able to keep weeds and invasive plants at bay. In that time invasive plants such as Purple Loosestrife can take over a native planting due to prolific seeding and rooting capabilities. The Natural Shoreline Professional at Upstream Waters Landscape has the knowledge and training to spot the "bad" plants and remove these plants and weeds before they become a problem.   

Bioengineering monitoring and evaluation.

There is more to restoring a natural shoreline than planting some Michigan native plants. It requires engineering that resolves the many issues or concerns that can develop before and during the restoration. Monitoring and evaluating this engineering allows any problems that could develop such as damage from critters, plant loss, or environment changes to be addressed as quickly as possible.  

Having the Natural Shoreline Professional at Upstream Waters Landscape monitoring your shoreline restoration project safeguards your investment as we quickly diagnose any problem and put forth solutions to eliminate a possible failure of the bioengineering.

Changes to the surrounding land.

Sometimes there may be a change to the land surrounding your site or property that can start to impact your natural shoreline. For example, the clearing of the property uphill from yours could result in greater run off flowing across your property and into the water. Upstream Waters Landscape can evaluate the changes to your site conditions and develop appropriate solutions to keep your natural shoreline looking and functioning as intended. 

Cultivating a positive change in our culture's perception of natural shorelines.

There are many property owners along lakes, streams, and rivers that only know and accept seawalls and grass runways as shoreline solutions. As with all change, there is resistance to the new approaches of native plantings and riprap. It is important that education and communication about the value and benefits of natural shorelines continue. As Natural Shoreline Professionals, we remain your partner after installation to get through any problems or to listen to any concerns that may develop. With our many years of experience, we have solutions ready to alleviate most issues.